No 1 (2010)

Music Scholarship / Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki

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Table of Contents

Horizonts of Musicology

Methodology of Analysis of Sacred Music of the 20th Century (on the Example of Orthodox Tradition) PDF (Russian)
Oxana Ye. Sheludyakova 6-11
Spiritual Coordinates of Musical Text PDF (Russian)
Vitaly A. Shuranov 12-16
On the Phenomena of Melodic Reciting of Al Koran (to the Problem of Musical Rhetoric of the Sacred Text) PDF (Russian)
Zilya A. Imamutdinova 17-20
Alexey Losef and Boris Asafiev: Parallel Interpretations PDF (Russian)
Grigory R. Konson 21-25

Russian Sacred Music

The Features of Romantic Aesthetics and Their Traces in Sacred Concert Music of the Russian Composers of the 20th Century PDF (Russian)
Olga A. Urvantseva 26-30
Russian Soul of the “Heavenly Cappella” (on Spiritual Concerts of A. V. Nikolsky) PDF (Russian)
Ljudmila V. Malatsai 31-36
The Genre of Sermon and its Realization in the Sacred Music of Georgi Sviridov PDF (Russian)
Yelena A. Fedulova 37-40

Musical Cultures of Russia

On the Ontological Foundation of the Adyghe Genre of Nart Pshinatley PDF (Russian)
Beslan G. Ashkhotov 41-49
On Interaction of Monodic and Harmonic Elements in Polyphony of Traditional Bourdon Songs of Cherkesy and Karachayevtsy PDF (Russian)
Lilia A. Vishnevskaya 50-54
Folk Instrumentalism of the Volga River Basin: the Phenomenon of Saratov Harmonika PDF (Russian)
Alevtina A. Mikhailova 55-59
Vocal Cycle of N. S. Berestov “The Sun Beam” PDF (Russian)
Larisa S. Spiridonova 60-65
Swedish Trace in the History of Musical Culture of Siberia. The Tobol Manuscript
Anna P. Nedospasova 66-70

National Culture and the Synthesis of Arts

To the History of Development of the Genre of Musical Drama in the Tatar Drama Theater PDF (Russian)
Yelena N. Sadirova 71-73
The Role of Musical Drama in the Formation of Bashkiri Opera PDF (Russian)
Gulnaz S. Galina 74-78
The Embodiment of Tradition of Yakuti Epic Olonkho in the Opera “Glow” by V. Xenofontov PDF (Russian)
Polina V. Pavlova 79-81

International Division

International Division PDF
Ildar D. Khannanov 82
Aspects of Relationship Between Music and Politics in Proclus PDF
Christos Terezis, Georgia Markea 83-94
A Broader View on Musical Exoticism PDF (Russian)
Ralph P. Locke 95-102
A New Edition of Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas PDF (Russian)
Barry Cooper 103-108

Area Studies in Music

«Немецкий композитор из России…» PDF (Russian)
Alexander I. Demchenko 109-112
The Art of Domra in the City of Magnitogorsk PDF (Russian)
Alexandra Ye. Galimzyanova 113-116
Musical Symbols in the Typographic Art of Urals and Volga River Basin PDF (Russian)
Mars L. Akhmadullin 117-121
Musical Symbols in the Typographic Art of Urals and Volga River Basin PDF (Russian)
Mars L. Akhmadullin 117-121


New Books PDF (Russian)
Reviews PDF (Russian)
Reviews PDF (Russian)

Musical Culture of the Peoples of the World

Types of Tuning of the Hordophones of the Central Asia PDF (Russian)
Saule I. Utegalieva 127-131

History of Western Music

The History of Culture in the Letters of Claude Debussy PDF (Russian)
Ljubov A. Kupets 132-136
The Features of Mysteria in Religious-Philosophical Tragedies of Milhaud/Claudel PDF (Russian)
Galina Ye. Kaloshina 137-142
Finnish Avant-Garde of the Beginning of the 1960s: the History, Aesthetics, Practice PDF (Russian)
Yekaterina G. Okuneva 143-150

Musical Style and Genre

The Features of Late Style of Dmitri Shostakovich in His Piano Concerto No.1 PDF (Russian)
Anna A. Zondereger 151-156
The Genre Mélodie in the Vocal Culture of France in the Turn of the 20th Century
Yelena Yu. Kornienko 157-159
Choral Works of S. Gabyashi and S. Saydashev PDF (Russian)
Rozalia M. Sharipova 160-163

The Creative Worlds of Musical Compositions

The Protestant Chorale as the Object of Intertextual Interaction: the Example of Hymn “O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort” PDF (Russian)
Galina N. Dombrauskene 164-167
On Embodiment of the Religious Tradition of the Middle Ages in Music of V. Martynov PDF (Russian)
Vyacheslav N. Grachyev 168-171
References to Childhood in the Images of Girls and Women in Music of P. I. Tchaikovsky PDF (Russian)
Iza A. Nemirovskaya 172-177

Musical Theater

Unity of Words, Music and Vocal Technique in the Structure of the Opera PDF (Russian)
Yekaterina A. Prikhodovskaya 178-181
“The Mysteria of Joan” in the Libretto of “The Maid of Orleans” of P. I. Tchaikovsky PDF (Russian)
Antonina L. Makarova 182-185

Musical Text and its Performer

Trauermusik for Viola and String Orchestra by Paul Hindemith (Comparative Analysis of Performances) PDF (Russian)
Irina Yu. Kljuyeva 186-190

Musical Education

What to Teach to Students? Contemporary Problems of the Courses in Harmony: Discussions and Solutions PDF (Russian)
Yevgeny B. Trembovelsky 191-198
To the Problem of Preparation of Professionally-Competent Teachers of Folk Singing PDF (Russian)
Madjit S. Alkin 199-203
Vyacheslav Belyakov. Facets of His Work (Ufa 1963-1983) PDF (Russian)
Radjap Yu. Shaikhutdinov 204-208