No 2 (2013)

Music Scholarship / Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki

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Table of Contents

Musical Culture of the Peoples of the World

The Culture of Piano Performance in China and Korea through the Eyes of American Music Scholars PDF (Russian) Удаленный (Russian)
Sergei A. Eisenstadt 6-11
V. A. Uspensky’s “Lyrical Poem” in the History of Uzbek Orchestral Music PDF (Russian)
Natella V. Tchakhvadze 12-17
The Synthesis of Folk and Classical Musical Traditions in the Piano Sonatas of Kazakh Composers PDF (Russian)
Lyudmila P. Belozyor 18-22

Musical Cultures of Russia

Traditional Musical Culture in the Contemporary World PDF (Russian)
Tatiana S. Rudichenko 23-28
The Christmastide Fortunetelling Songs in the Traditions of the Russian Residents of the Northern Regions of the Udmurtian Republic PDF (Russian)
Evgenia A. Sklyarova 29-36
The Musical Culture of the Teptyars of the Region from the Urals to the Volga in Russia PDF (Russian)
Ravil G. Rakhimov 37-43
Concerning the Question of the Technique of Generating Several Voices in the Bashkir Tradition of Uzliau Throat Singing PDF (Russian)
Galiya R. Bayazitova 43-48

Commemorating the Anniversary of Evgeny Gippius

On the Relevance of the Creative Musical Endeavors of Evgeny Gippius for 21st Century Musical Scholarship PDF (Russian)
Igor V. Macijevski 49-55
“I have Always Considered Myself a Music Historian”: Commemorating the Anniversary of E.A. Gippius
Ekaterina A. Dorokhova, Olga A. Pashina 56-62
Evgeny Gippius and Lev Christiansen: Two Approaches to the Art of Folk Singing PDF (Russian)
Irina L. Egorova 63-67
Intonational Elements of the Spasovskaya Chastushka Song (Honoring the Legacy of Evgeny Gippius) PDF (Russian)
Yuri E. Boyko 68-70
Evgeny Gippius – the Researcher of the Musical Culture of the Belorussian Polesye PDF (Russian)
Galina V. Tavlai 71-78
About My Meetings With Evgeny Gippius PDF (Russian)
Tatiana S. Rudichenko 79-82
Remembering the Path of my “Admittance” into the World of Ethnomusicology… PDF (Russian)
Beslan G. Ashkhotov 85-87
Evgeny Gippius Concerning the Problem of Documentation of Folk Music PDF (Russian)
Roman F. Zelinsky 83-84

Sacred Music

The Typology of Performance Models in the Sacred Concert Music of Russian Composers of the 19th – 21st Centuries
Olga A. Urvantseva 88-93
Individual Features of an Oral Tradition of Liturgical Service in the Community of the Russian Orthodox Christian Old-Believers’ Church in Tomsk PDF (Russian)
Olga A. Svetlova 94-99
The Dynamics of the Repertoire of Sacred Chants of the Dukhobors from the Tselinsky District PDF (Russian)
Anastasia V. Zernina 100-104
The Stylistic Features of the Tambov Folk Singing Tradition Stylistic Features of the Tambov Folk Singing Tradition (On the Example of the Genre of the Folk Verse) PDF (Russian)
Maria V. Drutskaya 105-108

Music Theory

The Beginnings of Rhythm and Meter According to Aristides Quintilianus PDF (Russian)
Lyudmila V. Alexandrova, Nadezhda V. Lyamkina 109-113
The Specific Features of the Presentation of the Spatial-Temporal Forms of Minimalism in Music PDF (Russian)
Elena Y. Serova 114-118
“Romantic” Serialism (Sonata for Piano by Jean Barraqué) PDF (Russian)
Ekaterina G. Okuneva 119-124

Music in the System of Culture

Musical Cosmogony PDF (Russian)
Alexander I. Demchenko 125-133
The Sacred Concert in the Culture of Contemporary Russia: Concert in the Culture of Contemporary Russia: Traditions and Innovations PDF (Russian)
Irina P. Dabayeva 134-138
The Role of the Economic Factor in the Activities of Cultural Institutions During the Soviet Period (on the Example of the Rostov State Philharmonic Society) PDF (Russian)
Anastasia Y. Orekhova 139-144

Dissertational Committees

One of a Kind in the Ural Region (About the Dissertation Committee of the Magnitogorsk State Conservatory) PDF (Russian)
Mark M. Berlyanchik 145-148

Russian Music History

Concerning the Compositional Peculiarities and the Adherence to the Right Glas of the Canon of the “Service of Gratitude for the Victory at Poltava” PDF (Russian)
Vera N. Dyomina 160-164

History of Western Music

The “Latin Direction” of Marian Hymnography in the Cultural and Historical Context of the 5th – 8th Centuries AD PDF (Russian)
Olga V. Nemkova 165-170
Music as Part of the Literary Legacy of Lorenzo de Medici PDF (Russian)
Elena V. Pankina 171-175
The Main Conception in Gustav Mahler’s Second Symphony at the Crossroads between Romantic and Modernist Tendencies PDF (Russian)
Vladislav E. Devutsky 176-186

Tribune of the Opponent

On the Detriment of Metaphors in Scholarly Texts PDF (Russian)
Dmitry B. Gorbatov 187-190
On Applying the Informational Approach in Musicology Research Works PDF (Russian)
Sergei P. Polozov 191-193
Questions of Terminology, or “Concerning the Benefits of Being Naïve” PDF (Russian)
Mark G. Aranovsky 194-196

Musical Text and its Performer

On a Few Techniques of Transformation in Performance of the Clavier Urtext Scores of J.S. Bach (on the Example of Compositions Written for Instructive Purposes) PDF (Russian)
Natalia M. Kuznetsova 197-204
Aspiration Towards Sound. The Mysteries of the Piano Touch PDF (Russian)
Natalia S. Gavrilova 205-209

Contemporary Musical Art

Ecumenism in the Music of Russian Composers of the Late 20th Century PDF (Russian)
Alexandra G. Trukhanova 210-214
The Classical Guitar of the First Half of the 20th Century. The Performing Art of Andres Segovia PDF (Russian)
Alexei P. Kartashov 215-219
Interpretation of the Cello in the Music of Sofia Gubaidulina and Innovations of 20th Century Cello Technique PDF (Russian)
Irina V. Shevtsova 220-224
A Musical Theatrical Trilogy About St. Petersburg PDF (Russian)
Yulia G. Filippova 225-229

The Creative Worlds of Musical Compositions

At the Source of the 20th Century (Towards the Centennial of “The Rite of Spring”) PDF (Russian)
Alexander I. Demchenko 230-234

Musical Poetics, Rhetoric and Semantics

Intonational Vocabulary of Basso-Ostinato Themes and their Transformation in Clavier Works of the Baroque Era PDF (Russian)
Irina V. Alexeyeva 235-240
Semantic Syncretism in the Hymn “Allein Gott in der Höh’ sei Her” (“The Song of Angels”) and the Principle of Decoration of the Initial by the Means of Musical Language PDF (Russian)
Galina N. Dombrauskiene 241-245
Concerning One “Lost” Musical Form of the Baroque Period PDF (Russian)
Larisa L. Krupina 246-251
Individual Traits of Metric Organization in Mozart’s Compositions for Chamber Ensemble: Graphics in the Scores and the Sound Image PDF (Russian)
Svetlana O. Pechyonkina 252-257

Musical Genre and Style

The Marian Lauda as a Phenomenon of Interaction of Clerical and Secular Cultures of the Late Middle Ages PDF (Russian)
Olga V. Nemkova 258-263
The Latin Motet in the Musical Legacy of Anton Bruckner: Concerning the Question of Tradition and Innovation PDF (Russian)
Anna N. Koldayeva 264-268
About the Interaction of Intonating and Types of Scenic Utterance in the Songs of Hugo Wolf PDF (Russian)
Tatiana B. Reznitskaya 269-272
The Interaction of the Poetic and Musical Texts in the Genre of the Short Choral Composition (on the Example of Vitaly Khodosh’s “Spring” from his Choral Cycle “The Seasons”) PDF (Russian)
Inna V. Grinchenko 273-276