“Scenary Development of Musical Material” as a Method of Composition and Instruction Created by Ukrainian Composer Karmella Tsepkolenko

Oleksandr O. Perepelytsia


The article is devoted to the artistic method of Ukrainian composer Karmela Tsepkolenko
bearing the title of “scenary development of musical material.” “Scenary development”
(Tsepkolenko’s original system) directs the composer’s imagination with the help of various kinds
of artistic stimulations following a previously contemplated, concise, step-wise scenario and
provides a foundation on which the substantial events of a short piece, a symphony or a concerto
are unfolded. On the basis of analysis of Karmella Tsepkolenko’s compositions a model of the
“scenary development of musical material” is demonstrated and the paths of its influence on a
musical composition’s form and structure are researched. In addition, the forms (the idea-based,
the narrative and the literary) comprising scenary development are examined in their hierarchical
expressiveness. The article demonstrates that the use of principles of “scenary development” in a
musical composition directs the composer towards the creation of new aesthetical models, activates
the composer’s subconscious structures towards the creation of semantic complexes which are
original in their form and structure and fills the musical composition with complex dialogic
connections and play energy. Definition is given to the rising role of “scenary development of
musical material” as a means of creation of new contexts, forms, styles, musical language, notation
and new sound systems.

Keywords: method of composition, scenary development, scenario.

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