No 2 (2010)

Music Scholarship / Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki

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Table of Contents

Official Opinion

«Human Resources Decide Everything» PDF (Russian)
Alexandra O. Arakelova 6-10

Horizonts of Musicology

The Psychoanalytic Drive in the Harmonic Language of Alexander Skryabin PDF (Russian)
Kenneth Smith 11-17
Existential Signification: The Abyss between Chopin’s Op. 6 No. 1 and Op. 68 No. 4 PDF (Russian)
Ildar D. Khannanov 18-26

Musical Language in its Historic Evolution

The Phenomenon of Harmonic Vertical in the High Middle Ages PDF (Russian)
Saida Z. Iskhakova 27-31
The Acoustic Platform of Mature Chromatic Style in the Italian Madrigal of the 16th Century PDF (Russian)
Vladislav E. Devutsky 32-38

Musical Art of the 20th Century

European Musical Classicism in the Art of Franck Sinatra (to the Question of Typology of Arrangement) PDF (Russian)
Natalia V. Gubkina 39-42
Philip Glass and Robert Wilson: from History of Creative Collaboration PDF (Russian)
Anna Ye. Krom 43-46
The Practice of Collective Activity of Composers in the Musical Art of Postmodernism PDF (Russian)
Olga V. Sinelnikova 47-51
Widening the Horizons (to the Anniversary of Ye. V. Gokhman) PDF (Russian)
Alexander I. Demchenko 52-55

History of Western Music

On Periodization of Minnesang PDF (Russian)
Svetlana V. Sarayeva 56-60
Protestant Choral of the Period of German Reformation as a Form of Social and Cultural of Expression of the Renaissance Humanistic Ideals PDF (Russian)
Galina N. Dombrauskene 61-64
The Treatise “On Playing the Flute” by J. J. Quantz (Comments of a Performer) PDF (Russian)
Svetlana I. Khudozhnikova 65-69
The Interpretation of Christian Images from the Point of View of F. Liszt’s Religious Philosophy (Based on Oratorios The Legend of Saint Elizabeth and Christ) PDF (Russian)
Viktorija S. Kriveszenko 70-72

Russian Music History

Introduction of Harpsichord into Russian Musical Culture of the 16th-17th Centuries PDF (Russian)
Olga A. Demchenko 73-76

Musical Cultures of Russia

The Paths of Embodiment of Folklore in Russian Sacred Music of the End of the 20th Century PDF (Russian)
Natalia Yu. Zhossan 77-80
The Role of the Most Ancient Genres in the Forming of Bashkirian Opera PDF (Russian)
Gulnaz S. Galina 81-83

Area Studies in Music

The Divisions of the Imperial Russian Musical Society in the Urals Area PDF (Russian)
Ljudmila K. Shabalina 84-88
Violin in Ufa “Society of Friends of Singing, Music and Drama Lovers” PDF (Russian)
Alsyu G. Akhtyamova 89-91
V. Novitsky and His Pianoforte “School” PDF (Russian)
Ninel F. Garipova 92-94
“The Past is Passing by Me ...” From “The Memoirs” of Helmer Sinisalo PDF (Russian)
Natalia Yu. Grodnitskaya 95-99

Dissertational Committees

On the Dissertation Committee of Saratov State Conservatoire (Academy) PDF (Russian)
Alexandra G. Trukhanova 100-102

Creative Profiles of Musicologists

In Memory of M. G. Aranovsky. «To always remain honest…» (The Last Interview with Mark G. Aranovsky) PDF
Ljudmila N. Shaymukhametova 103-105
Mark Genrikhovich Aranovsky. A Word about the Teacher PDF (Russian)
Natalia A. Ryzhkova 106-113
Joseph Yakovlevich Ryzhkin PDF (Russian)
Grigory R. Konson 114-119

International Division

The Psychoanalytic Drive in the Harmonic Language of Alexander Skryabin PDF
Kenneth Smith 120-122
A Broader View of Musical Exoticism (continued from No. 6) PDF (Russian)
Ralph P. Locke 123-132
"Musical Work is the Document Humain." An Interview with Constantin Floros PDF (Russian)
Elvira G. Panaiotidi 133-136

Reviews of Western Publications

On the Book by Nicholas Cook and His Reivewer PDF (Russian)
Ildar D. Khannanov 137-138
Review – Nicholas Cook, The Schenker Project PDF (Russian)
Simon Desbruslais 138-140
Review – Nicholas Cook, The Schenker Project PDF
Simon Desbruslais 141-142

Musical Style and Genre

Some Features of Style in the Concert Versions of Sacred Music of Russian Composers of the 20th Century PDF (Russian)
Olga A. Urvantzeva 143-147
To the Problem of Study of the Genre of Vocalize PDF (Russian)
Ariadna N. Guseva 148-151
The Function of Violin in the Orchestral Score Notation of the Ensemble Genres of Baroque PDF (Russian)
Flyura B. Sitdikova 152-157
«Хоралы» Сезара Франка в зеркале стилевых диалогов романтизма и барокко PDF (Russian)
Elena M. Lozan 158-162
Concertos for Accordion and Orchestra in the Context of Romantic Traditions of Russian Music of the 20th Century PDF (Russian)
Alexander Ye. Lebedev 163-166
On the Link of Times in the Choral Concerto of Alfred Schnittke PDF (Russian)
Alexandra G. Trukhanova 167-170

The Creative Worlds of Musical Compositions

The Oresteia by S. I. Taneyev: Tragedy-Mysteria and the Orthodox Christianity PDF (Russian)
Galima U. Aminova 171-175
The Harmony of Symbols and Styles in Henry Purcell’s “The Fairy Queen” PDF (Russian)
Alina V. Tkachuk 176-180
The Universe According to Olivier Messiaen (the Programs and Author’s Commentaries to the Piano Cycle “Catalogue d’oiseaux”) PDF (Russian)
Vera S. Vinogradova 181-183
On the Program Aspects of Metre and Rhythm in I. Rehin’s Cycle “24 Preludes and Fugues for the Guitar” PDF (Russian)
Larisa V. Guryanova 184-188

Poetics and Semantics of the Musical Text

On Semantics of Instrumental Cadenza’a in Music of the 18th-20th Centuries: to the Question of Evolution PDF (Russian)
Maria A. Smirnova 189-193
The Orchestral Score Attributes of the Text of Keyboard Sonatas by Domenigo Scarlatti PDF (Russian)
Ksenia N. Repina 194-198
Virtuoso Components in the Thematicism of Violin Caprices of Niccolò Paganini PDF (Russian)
Raushania R. Khatypova 199-203
Anagram as Structural Meadning-Bearing Element of the Musical Text (on the Examples from Music of Faradzh Karayev) PDF (Russian)
Marianna S. Vysotskaya 204-209

Music, Literature, Philosophy

The Birth of Retatiation from the Spirit of Music or The Law of Retatiation? PDF (Russian)
Sergey L. Slobodnyuk 210-214

Innovation in Musical Education

Synesthenic Aspect of the Content of a Textbook for Violin PDF (Russian)
Vladimir F. Tretjachenko 215-218