No 2 (2009)

Music Scholarship / Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki

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From the Chief Editor

On Journal, its Authors and Readers PDF (Russian)

Horizonts of Musicology

To the Question of Style Perception in Music
Azamat D. Khasanshin 7-11
To the Problem of Research of the Musical Text of Baroque (On the Examples of Basso Ostinato Genres of Instrumental Music) PDF (Russian)
Irina V. Alexeyeva 12-19
Intrathematic Formal Functions According to William Caplin PDF (Russian)
Ildar D. Khannanov 20-25
Urban Musical Landscape in the Sphere of Spontaneous Intonational Self-Expression of a City Child PDF (Russian)
Tatyana I. Kaluzhnikova 26-32
Alexander Tchaikovsky’s Symphony-Concerto for Bass-Viola and Orchestra in the Context of Postmodernism PDF (Russian)
Alla L. Vinogradova-Chernyayeva 33-38

International Division

Dimitri Schostakowitsch und Clare Fischer PDF (Russian)
Michael Kahr 39-47
Sofia Gubaidulina’s Serial Music PDF (Russian)
Michael Berry 48-56

Musical Cultures of Russia

Ethnopsychology as the Factor and the Problem of Selfdetermination of Russian Art in the Context of East-West Relationship PDF (Russian)
Natella V. Tchakhvadze 57-61
The Evolution of the Scenographic Solutions for the Musical Drama Blue Shawl by K. Tinchurin PDF (Russian)
Rauza R. Sultanova 62-66
Structure of Scale of a Traditional Zvonnitsa PDF (Russian)
Sergey G. Tosin 67-71
Bashkirian Agas-Kubyz as a Kind of Maultrommel PDF (Russian)
Ilya A. Metlin 72-76

Conferences, Seminars and Symposia

Second Conference in Byzantine Culture. Athens PDF (Russian)

Musical Culture of the Peoples of the World

Vietnamese and European Cultural Traditions at Theater Cai Luong PDF (Russian)
Nguen Lantuat 82-86
The Analysis of Interaction of Musical and Verbal Structures in Iranian Dastgah Shur PDF (Russian)
Gultekin B. Shamilli 87-91


New Books PDF (Russian)
Reviews PDF (Russian)

Commemorating Anniversaries

Evgeniy Borisovich Trembovel'skiy PDF (Russian)

Russian Sacred Music

Liturgical Cycles of Sergei Rachmaninov in Light of Church Tradition PDF (Russian)
Anna V. Lapenko 96-101
Formulaic Pattern Variant as the Principle of Development of Melodic Forms in Russian Sacred Music of the Turn of the 20th century PDF (Russian)
Jamilya G. Kapitonova 102-107

Area Studies in Music

The Musical Theater of Pre-Revolutionary Tsaritsin: Pages of History PDF (Russian)
Dmitry R. Arutjunov, Elena V. Smagina 108-112
Piano Performance in Ufa in 1920s in the Mirror of Musical Criticism PDF (Russian)
Ninel F. Garipova 113-116

History of Western Music

Women-Creators in Church Musical Culture of Middle Ages PDF (Russian)
Svetlana V. Ivanova 117-121
Genre Specificity of Leich PDF (Russian)
Svetlana V. Sarajeva 122-126
Dances of the Late 16th — early 17th Centuries in English Consort Music: Towards «Absolute» Music PDF (Russian)
Tatyana V. Smirnova 127-131
«Passionate Rhythms» in French Danses Chantées (the Problem of Correlation of Words and Music) PDF (Russian)
Larissa D. Pylaeva 132-134

Musical Style and Genre

The Сomic as Modality of Artistic Text and its Appearances in Music PDF (Russian)
Alla G. Korobova 135-142
Piano Variations of Ferninand Ries in the Context the Classical Tradition PDF (Russian)
Yevgeny I. Maximov 143-146
French Oratorio in the 19th and 20th Centuries: from Berlioz to Jolivet and Messiaen PDF (Russian)
Galina E. Kaloshina 147-153
Russian Historic Opera of the First Half of the 19th Century: to the Question of Formation of a Genre PDF (Russian)
Yelena V. Smagina 154-159
The Russian Tradition of String Quartet as Reflected in the Works of Dmitri Shostakovich PDF (Russian)
Yevgeniya V. Degtyarenko 160-163

Musical Text and its Performer

Vladimir Spivakov — the First Performer-Interpreter of the Works of Hartmann and Schnittke PDF (Russian)
Valentina N. Kholopova 164-168

Poetics and Semantics of the Musical Text

Intonational Dictionaries as the Problem of Musical Scholarship PDF (Russian)
Galina R. Tarayeva 169-174
Prostor (Spase) as a Poetic Invariable of Russian Romance PDF (Russian)
Irina M. Krivoshei 175-181
On Binary Oppositions in Cosmogony of Richard Wagner’s The Ring of Niebelungen PDF (Russian)
Natalia S. Serova 182-185

The Creative Worlds of Musical Compositions

The Image of Flute and its Anthropomorphic Features in the World Literature PDF (Russian)
Victoria P. Davydova 186-191
Musical-Visual Ideas of the Sound World of Nicolas Roslavets PDF (Russian)
Ljudmila V. Savvina 192-197
The Idea of Time in Georgy Ligeti’s Work PDF (Russian)
Yelena S. Andreeva 198-201
The Idea of Time in Georgy Ligeti’s Work PDF (Russian)
Yelena S. Andreeva 198-201
Antithesis of North-South in the Serenade for Orchestra by Wilhelm Stenhammar PDF (Russian)
Anastasia A. Shikherina 202-207
«Chamber» clavier sonatas of 1780–1790 by J. Haydn: to the problem of genre and style interaction PDF (Russian)
Yevgeniya A. Tkachenko 208-212

Musical Education

A course "Music in the Structure of Mediatext" PDF (Russian)
Tatyana F. Shak 213-217
Development of Creativity of Learners During Analytical-Aural Musical Activity PDF (Russian)
Natalia M. Garipova 218-221

Black Page

Black Page PDF (Russian)