No 1 (2016)

Music Scholarship / Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki


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Table of Contents

Music Theory

Melody and Intonation PDF (Russian)
Liudmila P. Kazantseva 6-12
Concerning Ricercar Qualities in the Fugue in C major from J. S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier Book I PDF (Russian)
Boris D. Napreyev 13-19
The Acoustic Model of Sound as a Phenomenon of Symphonic Thinking (on the Example of the Seventh Symphony of Avet Terterian) PDF (Russian)
Anna B. Tikhomirova 20-26

Musical Culture of the Peoples of the World

About the Traditional Musical Instruments of the Mehter Military Orchestra PDF (Russian)
Marina Yu. Gorbunova 27-32

Сultural Heritage in Historical Perspective

The Scythian Neophyte of the Early 20th Century PDF (Russian)
Alexander I. Demchenko 33-41

International Division

Writing (& Producing) Singing Translations, from Russian to English PDF (Russian)
Leonard J. Lehrman 42-50
Composer and Guitarist PDF (Russian)
Gene Pritsker 51-56
The 19 Minuets by Leopold Mozart as an Example of the 18th Century School of Chamber Music Performance PDF (Russian)
Margarita A. Gareyeva 57-67

Musical Genre and Style

About the Interaction Between Different Styles in the Music of Alexander Glazunov on the Example of the Variations for Piano opus 72 PDF (Russian)
Olga A. Urvantseva 68-75
On the Genre-Related Dramaturgy of Frideric Chopin’s Nocturne in G Minor, opus 15 PDF (Russian)
Nina B. Bondarenko 76-82

Area Studies in Music

The Role of the Imperial Russian Musical Society in the Formation of the Musical Infrastructure of Rostov-on-Don PDF (Russian)
Alexandra V. Krylova 83-89

Musical Cultures of Russia

From the History of 19th Century Russian Folk Music Studies: from Empirical Study to Theory PDF (Russian)
Ekaterina E. Golenishcheva, Olga I. Kulapina 90-96
The Catalogue of Compositions of Maximilian Steinberg: Principles of Systematization PDF (Russian)
Irina А. Sinitsa 97-100

Festivals. Contests

“Life after Life,” or Jubilee Festival of E. V. Gochman PDF (Russian)
Natalia V. Korolevskaya 101-106

Musical Performance and Education

The Particularities of the Performing Art of the Masters of the Bel Canto School PDF (Russian)
Georgy S. Zaitov 107-113
The Interaction of the Arts of Composition and Performance in the 20th Century Russian String Quartet PDF (Russian)
Natalia L. Sokolvyak 114-119
The Technological Particularities of the Formation of the Foundations of Jazz Improvisation in the Class of the Accordion PDF (Russian)
Nikolai R. Bazhilin 120-126

Creative Profiles of Musicologists

Nikolai Tiftikidi – the First Russian Researcher of the Musical Culture of the Pontic Greeks PDF (Russian)
Araxia S. Minasyants 127-132


In Dialogue with the Time, or the Formula of the Leap PDF (Russian)
Anna V. Ukrainskaya 133-136

Musical Theater

Chekhov’s “The Seagull” and Thomas Pasatieri’s “The Seagull” PDF (Russian)
Elena M. Shabshayevich 137-142