No 1 (2013)

Music Scholarship / Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki

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Table of Contents

Horizonts of Musicology

The Concept of Plagality in Contemporary Music Theory PDF (Russian)
Evgeny A. Pinchukov 6-15
The Optimization of the Algorithm of Dynamic Tuning with the Consideration of Objective Characteristic Features of Musical Sound PDF (Russian)
Mikhail Yu. Knyazev 16-21
Automatic Disclosure of Discrepancies of Variant Readings and Potentially Possible Errors in the Texts of the Dvoyeznammeniks PDF (Russian)
Irina V. Bakhmutova, Vladimir D. Gusev, Tatiana N. Titkova 22-26
Verify Harmony by Means of Algebra(Musical Modeling of Development of the Healthy Personality of a Child Before and After Birth) PDF (Russian)
Mikhail L. Lazarev 27-30
Traditional and New Approaches Toward the Study of Orchestration PDF (Russian)
Irina M. Shabunova 31-35

Electronic Music

Sympho-Electronic Music: a Genesis PDF (Russian)
Aram S. Enfiadjian 36-41

Music in the System of Mass Communications

The Flash Mob and Other Means of Promotion of Musical Art Forms for Mass Consumption PDF (Russian)
Alexandra V. Krylova 42-45
The Internet Scholarly Music Magazine “Mediamusic” PDF (Russian)
Maxim V. Bysko 46-47

Musical Cultures of Russia

The Phenomenon of Existence of the Saratov Harmonica in the Kalmyk Traditional Culture: an Aspect of Musical Ethnography PDF (Russian)
Alevtina A. Mikhailova 48-53
Folk Musical Instruments: the Experience of Description and Certification PDF (Russian)
Natalia S. Mikhailova 54-58
The Bashkir Folksong in the Music by Kamil Rakhimov: Regarding the Issue of Interpretation of Folk Music PDF (Russian)
Milyausha A. Idrisova 59-65
The Instrumental Culture of Bashkir Polytheism PDF (Russian)
Lilia F. Ishmurzina 66-71

Sacred Music

Church Music Manuscripts of the Cheremshany Old-Believers’ Monasteries (from the Collection of the Khvalynsk Local History Museum) PDF (Russian)
Irina V. Polozova 72-77
The Hagiographic Liturgical Cycle in the Present-Day Practice of the Russian Orthodox Old-Believers’ Church PDF (Russian)
Olga A. Svetlova 78-85

Area Studies in Music

Concerning the Issue of the Sources of Formation of the Culture of Organ Performance in Siberia (19th and the First Quarter of the 20th Centuries) PDF (Russian)
Anna N. Pronina 86-91
Mikhail Gnesin, the “Founder of Musical Life” in the Provincial City of Rostov-on-Don PDF (Russian)
Galina S. Sycheva 92-97

Choral Music

Concerning the Role of the Chorus in Alexei Verstovsky’s Opera “Askold's Grave” (Regarding the Issue of the Concept) PDF (Russian)
Ekaterina V. Beriglazova 98-102
The Chorus in Rodion Shchedrin’s Compositions based on Nikolai Leskov’s (“The Sealed Angel” and “The Enchanted Wanderer”) PDF (Russian)
Anton M. Ivanov 103-107

Musical Theater

Concerning the Producers’ Interpretations of Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s Musical Theatrical Projects: Cinematographic “Variations” PDF (Russian)
Elena Yu. Andrushchenko 108-110
Concerning the Totemic Images in Alexander Beloborodov’s Balet “The Rock of Two Swans” PDF (Russian)
Tatiana S. Ekimenko 111-116

Commemorating Anniversaries

The Music of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Late Period PDF (Russian)

International Division

A New Look at the Ployer/Attwood Notebooks, Or, Mozart: A Teacher of Chromatic Completion PDF (Russian)
Edward Green 141-145
The Craft of Harmonization PDF (Russian)
Dimitar Ninov 150-154
The “Czechness” of the Musical Culture of Czechoslovakia PDF (Russian)
Natalia Gavrilova 160-161
The “New” History of Russian Music PDF (Russian)
Elvira G. Panaiotidi 164-167
The National Aspect vs. “Nationalism”: How “Absolute” is German Music? PDF (Russian)
Ildar Khannanov 168-169

The Creative Worlds of Musical Compositions

Glazunov, Fennomania and Karelianism PDF (Russian)
Vera I. Nilova 171-177
Regarding the Semantic and Technical Solutions in Piano Compositions by Vladimir Tarnopolsky and Yuri Kasparov PDF (Russian)
Tatiana V. Novikova 178-183
Heinz Holliger’s “The Seasons” Set to the Text of Friedrich Hхlderlin: The Outer Circle and the First Approach PDF (Russian)
Svetlana A. Kozlykina 184-189
The Synesthetic Aspect of Interpretation in the Genre of Opera (On the Example of Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s “The Queen of Spades”) PDF (Russian)
Svetlana Yu. Lysenko 190-195
Valentin Silvestrov and the “Chinari”: Parallels of World Perception PDF (Russian)
Natalia G. Protasova 196-198

Musical Text and its Performer

The Alliance of the Sound-Creative Will with the Demonic Power of Wanting. Commentaries to Karl Adolf Marthinsen “Individual Piano Technique on the Basis of Sound-Creative Will” PDF (Russian)
Natalia S. Gavrilova 199-204
The Peculiarities of the Baroque Agogic on the Example of the Stylus Phantasticus PDF (Russian)
Olga Yu. Kijowski 205-208

Musical Poetics, Rhetoric and Semantics

The Slow Introductions in Haydn’s Symphonies in Light of Musical Perception PDF (Russian)
Elena S. Drynkina 209-214
Structures of Embellishment in the Thematicism of Western European Baroque Musical Compositions for Solo Violin PDF (Russian)
Irina V. Alexeyeva 215-219
Musical-Rhetorical Variations in the Cycle of Magnificat by Landgrave Moritz of Hesse PDF (Russian)
Anastasia A. Maltseva 220-224
The “Poem” Quality in Romantic Music (the Synergetic Aspect) PDF (Russian)
Ivan A. Shaposhnikov 225-229

Festivals. Contests

The Polyphonic Arctic (Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the European Arctic Region) PDF (Russian)
Vera I. Nilova 230-232

Musical Genre and Style

The Destiny of the Phenomenon and the Concept of “Genre” in the Musical Culture of the Contemporary Times PDF (Russian)
Alla G. Korobova 233-237
The Genre of the Concerto for Bayan with Orchestra in Russian Music: the Problems of Orchestral Style PDF (Russian)
Alexander E. Lebedev 238-242

History of Western Music

Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s “Pygmalion” as the First Example of the Musical Theater Melodrama PDF (Russian)
Darya V. Logunova 243-248

Russian Music History

The Embodiment of the Panegyric Subject in the Music of the “Victory Celebrations” during the Era of Tsar Peter I (The “Vivat Suite”) PDF (Russian)
Vera N. Dyomina 249-254

Contemporary Musical Art

Harmonic Inventiveness in Rodion Shchedrin’s Piano Concertos PDF (Russian)
Marina V. Gorodilova 255-259
The “Personal” Homage-Concertos by Efrem Podgaits: Concerning the Problem of Interpretation of the Genre PDF (Russian)
Galina A. Rubakhina 260-263

Innovation in Musical Education

Concerning Mathematical Methods in Music Research and Preparation of Musicians PDF (Russian)
Irina B. Gorbunova, Mikhail S. Zalivadny 264-268
Concerning the Concept of Teaching the Curriculum of “Academic Electronic Music” PDF (Russian)
Aram S. Enfiadjan 269-271
An Innovative Approach to the Process of Forming Creativity in Pupils of Present-Day Music Schools PDF (Russian)
Olga N. Zotova 272-275