No 2 (2012)

Music Scholarship / Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki

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Table of Contents

Horizonts of Musicology

The Category of “Musical Content” in the Music Theory Legacy of Yuri Nikolayevich Kholopov PDF (Russian)
Valentina N. Kholopova 6-11
Musical Shintology and the Problems of Studying Japanese Culture PDF (Russian)
Marina Yu. Dubrovskaya 12-16
Visual Gestalts in the Synthetic Interpretation of Musical Texts PDF (Russian)
Nina P. Kolyadenko 17-21
Blues as a Musical Idiom PDF (Russian)
Evgeny A. Pinchukov 22-27

Sacred Music

Two Directions of Development of Russian Sacred Music of the 20th and 21st Centuries PDF (Russian)
Olga A. Urvantseva 28-32
The Practices of Liturgical Singing of the Old-Believers of the Belokrinitsy Order of the Primorye Area PDF (Russian)
Tatiana P. Balanovskaya 33-37
On the Singing Tradition of the Uspensky Convent in Pjuhtica PDF (Russian)
Yuliya M. Lemyaseva 38-42

Musical Genre and Style

The “Noël” in French Baroque Organ Music PDF (Russian)
Marina N. Tchebourkina 43-46
The Category of Irrational Fear in the Romantic Horror Ballad PDF (Russian)
Olga V. Begicheva 47-50
The Canticle in the Music of Benjamin Britten: The Aesthetic and Theoretical Aspects PDF (Russian)
Anastasiya A. Vasilenko 51-55

Musical Theater

Interpretation of an Operatic Work. Concerning the Problem of the Conception of Production PDF (Russian)
Irina E. Goryunova 56-61

Music in the System of Mass Communications

The Internet as a Means of Musical Expressivity PDF (Russian)
Alexei V. Krasnoskulov 62-66

Creative Profiles of Musicologists

Iosif Ignatievich Dubovsky (1892–1969) PDF (Russian)
Evgeny B. Trembovelsky 67-74

Musical Performance and Pedagogy

Certain Problems of Shaping a Violinist’s Performing Skills PDF (Russian)
Alexei V. Gvozdev 75-79
Diatonicism or Individual Temperament (The Problems of Tuning the Harp) PDF (Russian)
Nadezhda N. Pokrovskaya 80-83
Concerning Alexander Siloti’s Pedagogical Activities PDF (Russian)
Elena G. Maltseva 84-88
Formation of Violin Performance in 18th Century Russia PDF (Russian)
Ekaterina E. Bakhtiyarova 89-93
The Tradition of Violin Performance in Ufa in the Context of the Formation of the City’s Culture (in the 18th and 19th Centuries) PDF (Russian)
Alsyu G. Akhtyamova 94-97
The Semantic Potential of Choral Sound in Contemporary Music PDF (Russian)
Olga V. Shepshelyova 98-102
Contemporary Problems of Choral Performance: A New Course in the System of Choral Conducting Education in Institutes for Higher Education PDF (Russian)
Tatiana K. Ovchinnikova 103-107
Peculiarities of Implementing Folk Genres into Russian Choral Music of the Second Half of the 20th Century and the Early 21st Century PDF (Russian)
Natalia Yu. Zhossan 108-111
The Wedding Music of Miners from the Central Ural Mountains: The Structural Aspect PDF (Russian)
Tatiana I. Kaluzhnikova 112-117
Concerning the Problem of Ontology of Sound in the Context of Traditional Musical Culture PDF (Russian)
Ludmila A. Mnatsakanyan 118-121
From the History of Collecting and Study of Kalmyk Folk Music (19th and early 20th centuries) PDF (Russian)
Boskha Kh. Borlykova 122-125
Rituals of the Agricultural Calendar Cycle of the Perm Tatars PDF (Russian)
Elmira M. Galimova M. Galimova 126-129
Rare Bashkir Aerophones of the Oral Tradition PDF (Russian)
Lilia F. Ishmurzina 130-133

Innovation in Musical Education

Multimedia in the Classes of the Joseph Haydn Children’s Music School PDF (Russian)
Ludmila N. Shaymukhametova 141-146

Technique of Composition of the 20th Century

The Microtonal Application of Boleslav Yavorsky’s Theory of Modal Rhythm in Sergei Protopopoff’s book “Elements of Construction of Musical Language” PDF (Russian)
Anton A. Rovner 147-153

Commemorating Anniversaries

Ludmila Pavlovna Kazantseva PDF (Russian)
About the Scholarly Potential of the Musical Institute for Higher Education. A History in Personalities. Commemorating of the centennial anniversary of the Saratov Conservatory PDF (Russian)

International Division

On National Style and on So-Called “Nationalism in Russian Music”
Ildar D. Khannanov 174-177
We and the West PDF (Russian)
Alexander I. Demchenko 178-180
“The Russian Passion” by Alexey Larin: Concerning The Issue of Genre PDF (Russian)
Ludmila P. Kazantseva 181-184
The Craft of Harmonization PDF (Russian)
Dimitar Ninov 185-197
Rhetorical Figures and 20th-Century Music: a Survey on Micronarrativity PDF (Russian)
Sergio Lanza 198-206

Musical Poetics, Rhetoric and Semantics

The Inner Modus of Baroque Form: Thematic Structuring PDF (Russian)
Vitaly A. Shuranov 208-213
The Russian “Romance” Art Song: the Concept of “The Loving Person” PDF (Russian)
Irina M. Krivoshey 214-217
About the Musical Poetics of the “New Symphony” of Composers of Bashkortostan PDF (Russian)
Evgenia R. Skurko 218-223
Boris Tishchenko’s “Three Songs to the Texts of Marina Tsvetayeva”: the Problem of the Underlying Plot PDF (Russian)
Veronika V. Shelomentseva 224-228

History of Western Music

About Alessandro Scarlatti’s Artistic Method PDF (Russian)
Elena I. Luchina 229-234
Gregorian Plainchant in Liszt’s Oratorio “Christus” PDF (Russian)
Olga P. Gorbunova 235-238

Сultural Heritage in Historical Perspective

Returning to a Soviet Musical Classic (about Reinhold Gliere’s Ballet “The Bronze Horseman”) PDF (Russian)
Alexander I. Demchenko, Yulya G. Filippova 239-243

Contemporary Musical Art

Variant Development as a Phenomenon of 20th Century Musical Practice PDF (Russian)
Galina A. Demeshko 244-248
Interspecies Methods of Study of the Musical Art Nouveau Style PDF (Russian) PDF
Irina A. Skvortsova 249-251
An Overview of the Genres Present in the Music of Vladimir Kobekin PDF (Russian)
Natalia V. Rastvorova 252-255
“Three Eccentric Pieces” for Piano, opus 21c, by Mikhail Kollontay in the Aspect of the Interrelation between Tradition and Innovation PDF (Russian)
Tatiana V. Novikova 256-261
The Antinomies of Musical Language and Style in Galina Ustvolkaya’s 12 Preludes for Piano PDF (Russian)
Elena S. Guseva 262-267

The Creative Worlds of Musical Compositions

The Culminating Function of the Finale in the Symphonic Cycle (on the Example of Arthur Honegger’s Dramatic Symphonies) PDF (Russian)
Olga V. Shmakova 268-273
The Image-Bearing Artistic World of Maximilian Steinberg’s Music in the Context of Russian Culture of the First Half of the Twentieth Century PDF (Russian)
Oksana Lukonina 274-278