No 2 (2011)

Music Scholarship / Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki

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Table of Contents

Horizonts of Musicology

Aesthetics and Hermeneutics: in Search of Musical Meaning PDF (Russian)
Vitaly A. Shuranov 6-10
On Relation of Synestheticism and Intertextuality in Analysis of Musical Texts PDF (Russian)
Nina P. Kolyadenko, Anna N. Melnikova 11-15
10th Anniversary of Laboratory of Musical Semantics PDF (Russian)
Ljudmila N. Shaimukhametova 16-17
Migrating Intonational Formulae as the Phenomenon of Musical Thinking PDF (Russian)
Ljudmila N. Shaimukhametova 18-26
Possibilities of Realization of Crescendo and Diminuendo by Means of MIDI and Sampling PDF (Russian)
Mikhail A. Fuksmann 27-32

International Division

Shaving Schenker PDF (Russian)
Bengt Edlund 33-42
Sonata and Chorale: on Synthesis of Form in Organ Sonatas of Mendelssohn Bartholdy PDF (Russian)
Jurgen Essl 43-45
To the Question of National Component in Musical Education of Kazakhstan PDF (Russian)
Gulnar T. Alpeissova 46-47

Music in the System of Culture

Regularities of Artistic-Historical Evolution PDF (Russian)
Alexander I. Demchenko 48-53
Biblical Topoi in the System of Image-Bearing Means in Poetics of Russian Arts Song PDF (Russian)
Irina M. Krivoshey 54-59
The Scheme as an Instrument of Analysis of Musical-Semantic Structures of German Protestant Chorale PDF (Russian)
Galina N. Dombrauskene 60-63
«Zefir and Flora»: European Debut of Vladimir Dukelsky in the Ballets Russes of S. Dyagilev PDF (Russian)
Antonina S. Maximova 64-69
Prokofiev and Shostakovich: To the Problem of Creative Parallels PDF (Russian)
Anna A. Zondereger 70-74
Urban Culture and Ethnomusic PDF (Russian)
Ludmila E. Kumekhova 75-80
Advertisement of Artistic Events PDF (Russian)
Аlexsandra Krylova 81-86
The Phenomenon of Rock Music in Yegor Letov’s Interpretation PDF (Russian)
Yelena V. Smirnikova 87-91
Theological Concepts in the Work of Olivier Messiaen PDF (Russian)
Galina Ye. Kaloshina 92-97

Russian Music History

Chanter’s Terminology at the Turn of the 17th Century: Azbuka of Monk Khristophor «Kljuch Znamennyi» PDF (Russian)
Izabella I. Krylovskaya 98-101
Orchestral Performances in Corps de Cadets of the Emperor’s Russia PDF (Russian)
Svetlana M. Filaretova 102-105

Musical Cultures of Russia

Popular Creative Activity as a Part of Contemporary System of Education PDF (Russian)
Beslan G. Ashkhotov 106-110
Investigation of the Work of Buryat, Tuva and Yakutia Composers PDF (Russian)
Lada L. Pylneva 111-115
Folk Sources of Piano Music of Adyghe Composers (on the Example of Music of Umar Tkhabisimov) PDF (Russian)
Zarina M. Tlekhuray 116-119

Musical Language in its Historic Evolution

The Problem of Minor Mode: a Historical Approach PDF (Russian)
Eygenij A. Pinchukov 120-125
The Orchestration in the Content Structure of a Musical Work PDF (Russian)
Irina M. Shabunova 126-131

Musical Genre and Style

«Russian Passions» of Alexey Larin: To the Problem of Genre PDF (Russian)
Ljudmila P. Kazantseva 132-135
On the Border of Periods and Styles: the «Stylistic Modulation» in Early Music of O. Eiges PDF (Russian)
Natalya V. Petkus 136-140

Creative Profiles of Musicologists

Eygenij Trembovelsky PDF (Russian)
Olga A. Skrynnikova, Anna V. Ukrainskaya 145-152
An Interview E. B. Trembovelsky on Musical Science, Art and Himself PDF (Russian)
Evgeny B. Trembovelsky 153-159

Musical Text and its Performer

Articulation Signs as the Form of Instrumental Specificity of Keyboard Sonatas of Haydn PDF (Russian)
Evelina E. Chernysh 160-164
Acoustic Images of Musical Instruments in Keyboard Sonatas of D. Scarlatti PDF (Russian)
Kseniya N. Morein 165-170
The Signs of Quasi-Orchestral Score in the Keyboard Music of Beethoven PDF (Russian)
Artur A. Mingazhev 171-174
Five Aphorisms by A. Schnittke: the Conceptual Interpretation of the Cycle PDF (Russian)
Sergey Y. Vartanov 175-180
Musical Textbooks and Their Role in Forming the Foundations of Violin Performance PDF (Russian)
Vladimir F. Tretjachenko 181-183

Musical Performance and Pedagogy

Stylistic Quest in the Piano Performance in the Countries of Far-Eastern Region PDF (Russian)
Sergey A. Aizenshtadt 184-188
Dedicated to Natalya Shakhovskaya PDF (Russian)
Anton N. Pavlovsky 189-191
On Formation of Channels of Communication Between Musician-Performer and Audience PDF (Russian)
Larisa E. Slutskaya 192-194
On Evolution of Professional Art of Bayan Performance in Bashkiria PDF (Russian)
Radjap Yu. Shaikhutdinov 195-199

Technique of Composition of the 20th Century

The Composer-Avantgardist Bo Nielsen: the Forgotten «Genius from the Malmberget» PDF (Russian)
Yekaterina G. Okuneva 200-204
The Questions of Theory of Pattern in Music of the 20th Century PDF (Russian)
Mikhail N. Bakumenko 205-213
Author’s Monogram in the String Quartets of Béla Bartók PDF (Russian)
Tatyana G. Drachyova 214-221
To the Question of Modal-Intonational Paradigm of the Blues Melody PDF (Russian)
Olga V. Tytyk 222-226

Innovation in Musical Education

Theoretical Foundations of the Concept: the Adaptation to the Pracice PDF (Russian)
Ljudmila N. Shaimukhametova 227-229
To the Development of the Category of the Hero in the Musical Text of the Pieces for Children PDF (Russian)
Rimma M. Baikieva 229-233
Playing Together with the Teacher: a New Textbook for the Beginner Pianists PDF (Russian)
Yelena Yu. Tsareva 234-243