No 1 (2011)

Music Scholarship / Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki

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Table of Contents

Horizonts of Musicology

«Musical Cultures of Volga-Urals Region as Civilizational Unity» PDF (Russian)
Mikhael G. Kondratjev 6-10
«The Phenomenon of Canon as the Methodological Basis for the Study of National Musical Cultures» PDF (Russian)
Evgenia R. Skurko 11-15
«Semantics of the Names of Popevkas and Their Musical Content in the Context of Comparative Byzantine-Russian Researches» PDF (Russian)
Galina V. Alekseyeva 16-19
Computerized Search for the Invariant Structural Elements of Znamennyi Chant PDF (Russian)
Irina V. Bakhmutova, Vladimir D. Gusev, Tatyana N. Titkova 20-24

Traditions of Chant in Ancient Russia

Old-Believers’ Azbuka’s of the Urals-Siberia Region (on the Materials of Siberian Regional Manuscript Collections) PDF (Russian)
Elena L. Plavskaya 25-28
The Study of Adaptation of Christian Singing Tradition in Eastern and the Western Europe in the Middle Ages PDF (Russian)
Anna V. Chernova 29-33
Vocal Pedagogy in Medieval Russia: the Essay on Reconstruction of Knowledge PDF (Russian)
Izabella I. Krylovskaya 34-38

Musical Life of Russia in 19th-20th Centuries

Management of Imperial Theaters and Musical Life of Moscow in the 19th Century PDF (Russian)
Elena М. Shabshaevich 39-42
The Work of Kamil Mutyga in the Context of Forming the Stage Professionalism in Vocal Art of Tatars PDF (Russian)
Idris M. Gaziev 43-45
The Work of M. P. Frolov in the Context of Time (1892-1944) PDF (Russian)
Irina V. Vinkevich 46-50
On the Creative Work of S. G. Eidinov (1911–1983) PDF (Russian)
Andrei I. Bogatkin 51-54

Musical Cultures of Russia

Wedding Genres of Karelian Coast of the White Sea PDF (Russian)
Vera A. Shvetsova 55-58
The Specifi city of Articulation in the Musical Folklore of Vyatka Mari PDF (Russian)
Svetlana V. Kosyreva 59-62
From the History of the Study of Kalmyk Musical Terminology PDF (Russian)
Boskha Kh. Borlykova 63-65
Little-Known Facts from the Musical Chronicle of Kabardino-Balkaria (Compositions on the Lyrics of B. Kuashev) PDF (Russian)
Aminat S. Mishayeva 66-69

Musical Language in its Historic Evolution

The Birth of Tonality in the French Music Theory of the Second Half of the 16th-17th Centuries PDF (Russian)
Zoya I. Gljadeshkina 70-74
The Role of a Subdominant in the Tune-Harmonic Thinking of R. Schumann PDF (Russian)
Tatyana G. Goncharenko 75-78

Musical Genre and Style

On Genre Specifi city of Marian Antiphons PDF (Russian)
Natalia V. Ushakova 79-82
Dramatic Serenata in the History of the Genre PDF (Russian)
Yulia N. Zhelnova 83-86
To the Question of the Evolution of Sonata for the Russian Folk Instruments (Sonata for Domra and Piano, A. Tsygankov) PDF (Russian)
Natalia S. Kuzmina 87-91

Organ and Organ Music

Metamorphoses of Baroque Models in the Organ Music of the 19th Century PDF (Russian)
Natalia Vl. Golfarb 92-97
The Genre of Magnifi cat in the Organ Music of Daniel Roth PDF (Russian)
Marina V. Voinova 98-101

Conferences. Festivals

Ethnoscenology in the Pacific Rim Region: the Results of the Festival in Chun Chon PDF (Russian)
Larisa A. Akhmylovskaya, Andriana Yu. Barysh 102-107
Сhekhov in Modern Music and Choreography: Commentaries on Festival in Tokyo PDF (Russian)
Andriana Yu. Barysh, Larisa A. Akhmylovskaya 108-112

The Creative Worlds of Musical Compositions

Classics and Modern: «Ironic Dismantling»: on the Example of Piano Cycle «Jeux» by D. Kurtag PDF (Russian)
Natalia P. Khilko 113-118
The History of Soul (About the Sixth Quartet by Wilhelm Stenhammar) PDF (Russian)
Anastasia A. Shikherina 119-123
The Phenomenon of Play in Musicianship in Enlightenment PDF (Russian)
Angela L. Khokhlova 124-130
Russian Poteshki by V. Bibergan and Poteshki by A Byzov: The Specificity of Imaginary and Dramaturgic Realization PDF (Russian)
Anna A. Manchenko 131-135

Musical Art of the 20th Century

History and Myth in the Opera The Master and Margarita By S. Slonimsky PDF (Russian)
Maria A. Ignatova 136-139
Edison Denisov and the Soviet Musical Avant-Garde of the 1960-70 PDF (Russian)
Maria I. Grineva 140-144
Rodion Shchedrin: to the Question of a Musical Language PDF (Russian)
Olga V. Sinelnikova 145-150

International Division

A Tonal Paradox in Sonata-Allegro Form: 1 in Schoenberg’s Second String Quartet in F Minor, Op. 10 PDF (Russian)
Severine Neff 152-163
Music as Experience: a Processual and Ecological Approach PDF (Russian)
Mark Reybrouck 164-175

Music in the System of Culture

Multimedization of the Process of Creating Audiovisual Content in Modern Performance PDF (Russian)
Irina E. Goryunova 176-180
The Antique Theme in Music of the Composers of the Nordic Countries (E. Grieg, J. Sibelius, D. Monrad Johansen) PDF (Russian)
Ljubov A. Kupets 181-185
Musical-Synthetic Thendences of Aesthetics of Symbolism in the Art of Post-Romanticism PDF (Russian)
Yulia O. Tkachenko 186-189
N. Tcherepnin and the New Russian Ballet of the Early 20th Century PDF (Russian)
Elena V. Kiseyeva 190-194
A Mode of Existence and an Instrument of Description of the Oral Shamanic Tradition PDF (Russian)
Galina B. Sychenko 195-199

Musical Culture of the Peoples of the World

Piano Schools of the Far-Eastern Countries in the World Competition Circuit PDF (Russian)
Sergey A. Aizenshtadt 200-204
Turkish Maqam: About the Problem of National Self-Identity PDF (Russian)
Veronica A. Sedykh 205-209
Epic Poem Gurguli in Tadjik Version and Traditional School of Ustod-Shogird PDF (Russian)
Karomatullo S. Rakhimov 210-213
The Stages of Development of the Tajik Opera PDF (Russian)
Shahnoza О. Mirzoyeva 214-217

Musical Text and its Performer

Piano Technique in the Context of Harpsichord Art (on the Example of Pieces by F. Couperin) PDF (Russian)
Natalia M. Smirnova 225-230
Conceptual Integration and the Idea of Pedalization PDF (Russian)
Sergey Ya. Vartanov 231-237
The Klavierschule of Daniel Gottlob Turk PDF (Russian)
Diana D. Bagdasaryan 238-241

Innovation in Musical Education

History of Jazz. The Study Program for the Course PDF (Russian)
Alexander V. Chernyshov 242-249

Announcements and Reviews

Universalia of Art PDF (Russian)
Ljudmila S. Pestryakova 218-221
Reviews PDF (Russian)
Ildar Khannanov 223-224
A New Achievement in Caucasian Ethnomusicology PDF (Russian)
Tamara I. Kitanina 221-222