No 1 (2007)

Music Scholarship / Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki

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About the Conception and the Perspectives of the Journal "Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki / Music Scholarship"

About the Conception and the Perspectives of the Journal "Problemy Muzykal'noj Nauki / Music Scholarship" PDF (Russian)

We Present the Editorial Board

We Present the Editorial Board PDF (Russian)

Horizonts of Musicology

Theory of Musical Content as a Scientific Discipline PDF (Russian)
Valentina N. Kholopova 15-24
The Theory of Musical Content at the Astrakhan Conservatory PDF (Russian)
Ljudmila P. Kazantseva 25-30
The Semantic Analysis of Musical Text (on the Research of the Laboratory of Musical Semantics) PDF (Russian)
Ljudmila N. Shaymukhametova 31-43
The Realization of the Concept of Structural Analysis Demonstrated On the Example of a Percussion Piece "Mysterious Tribesmen" by Boris Tishchenko PDF (Russian)
Ljudmila V. Alexandrova 44-53
An Attempt of Analysis and Semantic Interpretation of the Content of Serial Structures PDF (Russian)
Natalia V. Devutskaya 54-66

Theoretical problems of musical content

On the Problem of Studying the Semantics of Tonality in Rimskiy-Korsakov’s Music PDF (Russian)
Olga A. Bosina 67-77
On the Problem of Research of the Models of Conceptual Space in Claude Debussy’s Music PDF (Russian)
Svetlana A. Mozgot 78-88

Musical Text and its Performer

Notated Musical Text as Musical Score for the Performer PDF (Russian)
Natalia M. Smirnova 89-99
Sign-Figures of Musical Instruments and the Artistic Context of Joseph Haydn’s Pastoral Sonatas PDF (Russian)
Amina I. Asfandjarova 100-114

Musical Culture of the Peoples of the World

Literary Tradition of the Vocal North Indian Genre of Thumri PDF (Russian)
Tatjana V. Kartashova 115-124
The Picture of the World in Sound as Information Model of the Archaic and Traditional Culture PDF (Russian)
Angelina S. Alpatova 125-140
Iannis Xenakis — Line of Life PDF (Russian)
Elena V. Ferapontova 141-150
The Mystery of the "Secret Piece" (from the History of Music for Koto) PDF (Russian)
Natalia F. Klobukova (Golubinskaya) 151-158
Jazz and the European Tradition PDF (Russian)
Valerij N. Syrov 159-166

Conferences, Seminars and Symposia

About the international conference "Musical Semiotics: Perspectives and Paths of Development" PDF (Russian)
About the international scholarly conference "The Musical Legacy of Dmitri Shostakovich in the Context of the World Artistic Environment" PDF (Russian)

Musical Cultures of Russia

The two Kinds of The Archaic in the Musical Culture of Chuvash People PDF (Russian)
Mikhail G. Kondratjev 170-178
Acoustic Element in the Bourdon Singing Model of Circassians and Karachays PDF (Russian)
Lilija A. Vishnevskaya 179-182
The Chants of Irgis and the Singing Art of Old Believers in the Irgis Monasteries PDF (Russian)
Irina V. Polozova 183-191

Сultural Heritage in Historical Perspective

Contexts, Subtexts and Posttexts of Glinka’s Creative Work PDF (Russian)
Alexander I. Demchenko 192-202
On the Judgement of Emil Gilels’ Artistic Work PDF (Russian)
Elena N. Fedorovich 203-212

The Creative Worlds of Musical Compositions

The Artistic World of Vocal Chamber Works by Maurice Ravel PDF (Russian)
Elena J. Kornienko 213-225
Interpretation in Music of Alexander Pushkin’s Poem "Gift that’s useless, gift fortuitous": To the Problem of the Typology of Text Comprehension PDF (Russian)
Paulina S. Volkova 226-232
"On the Edge of a Dark Abyss": the Features of Romantic Ballad Poetics in "The Queen of Spades" by Pjotr I. Tchaikovsky PDF (Russian)
Olga V. Shevchenko 233-238

Disertation Committee: a Scholarly Overview, Chronicles, Archives

The First in the South of Russia (About the Dissertation Committee of theRostov Conservatory) PDF (Russian)

Innovation in Musical Education

Musical Picture of the World as an Educational Phenomenon (On the Example of Contemporary Russian Textbooks) PDF (Russian)
Ljubov A. Kupets 241-248
The Semantics of Musical Dialogue in the Pieces from the "Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach" PDF (Russian)
Natalia M. Kuznetsova 249-257