"Simple Arithmetics" of Repetitive Process in American Musical Minimalism

Anna E. Krom


The article deals with one of the most
famous American contemporary composers —
Philip Glass. Glass, with his colleagues — La
Mont Young, Terry Riley and Steve Reich, is
deemed to be one of the founders of the new
musical trend of the 20th century — minimalism.
In Glass's work the preeminent minimalistic
feature is the repetitive method by means of
which the musical material is being organized.
The author examines the composition entitled
Two Pages in order to demonstrate how it utilizes
both the linear additive and linear subtractive
processes. The article also touches upon
philosophical roots of American minimalism
music. The author draws a parallel between the
work of John Cage and non-Western music.

Keywords: composition technique, musical avant-garde, American minimalism, rehearsal technique

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