«Russian Passions» of Alexey Larin: To the Problem of Genre

Ljudmila P. Kazantseva


The article is dedicated to an original interpretation of the genre of passions by contemporary Moscow composers Alexey Larin in his oratorio «Russian Passions» for soloists, choir and percussion instruments with organ on the texts from the New Testament, Russian folk and church texts (1993-1994). While underlying the fundamentals of the genre of Passion (passions), composer refracts them through the prism of the traditions of Russian music. Continuing the line of M. Mussorgsky, going through the choral creations of G. Sviridov and V. Gavrilin, Y. Butsko and V. Kalistratov, A. Larin goes on a fruitful path of evolution of the genre and the Russian sacred music. Inscribed in Russian musical culture, combining domestic orthodox, folk and theatrical traditions, «Russian passions» helped the composer to treat the Evangelical events as a part of a great sacred culture of Man.

Keywords: Alexey Larin, Russian Passion, genre, chorus, theatricality, action

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