“The Russian Passion” by Alexey Larin: Concerning The Issue of Genre

Ludmila P. Kazantseva


The author focuses her attention on the oratorio “The Russian Passion” for solo singers, chorus and percussion on texts from the Gospel, Orthodox Christian canonical and folk texts (1993–1994) by contemporary Moscow-based composer Alexei Larin. By interpreting in an original way the genre of the Passion and its profound foundations, the composer brings a certain degree variation to the prism of the traditions of Russian music. In developing the stylistic vein of Modest Mussorgsky, which was continued through the choral works of Georgy Sviridov, Valery Gavrilin, Yuri Butsko and Valery Kalistratov, Larin travels along a fruitful path of evolution of the genre and of Russian sacred music in general. Stemming organically from Russian musical culture, in their combination of Russian Orthodox, folklore and theatrical traditions, “The Russian Passion” enabled the composer to approach the events described in the Gospel as a permanent element of the great sacred culture of Man.

Keywords: Alexei Larin, Russian Passion, genre, chorus, theatricality, action


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