Structures of Embellishment in the Thematicism of Western European Baroque Musical Compositions for Solo Violin

Irina V. Alexeyeva


The article examines the technique of embellishment of thematicism in music for solo violin, which is closely connected with the flourishing of the Baroque concerto style. Using the example of violin variations on a basso ostinato, the author demonstrates the technique of analysis of inner thematic and outward embellished structures. Various clichйd intonations of violin etymology reflected in the text come to light. The principally non-linear means of organization of the violin music stand out as specific contextual stipulations for them. The polyphonic stratification of the one-voice embellished thematicism of violin into concealed voices and lines demonstrate the extremely complex technical and expressive possibilities of the instrument, which define the style of Baroque violin music. Comprehension of the given processes enables the researcher and the performer to grasp the main principles of violin solo and concerto music.

Keywords: Baroque, violin music, virtuosic solo playing, concertizing, embellished figures

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