Mikhail Gnesin, the “Founder of Musical Life” in the Provincial City of Rostov-on-Don

Galina S. Sycheva


The article is devoted to the issues of cultural life in the Russian province in the early twentieth century, and role of individual musicians who dedicated their lives to the education and enlightenment of remote areas in Russia. This issue is presented on the example of composer Mikhail Gnesin, who lived in Rostov-on-Don in the 1910s. On the basis of archival materials of the Russian State Archive of Literature and Art, as well as discovered publications, the article demonstrates Gnesin’s extremely varied activities in the sphere of music education. An overall evaluation is given of the role played by the composer in the development of musical culture and musical education on the region of the Don River.

Keywords: Michael Gnesin, Rostov-on-Don, musical and educational activities, Gnesin’s music school

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