The Oresteia by S. I. Taneyev: Tragedy-Mysteria and the Orthodox Christianity

Galima U. Aminova


The article reveals the sources of Taneyev’s interpretation of tragedy The Oresteia by Aeschylus. The author suggests that Taneyev treats this classical tragedy in light of the Orthodox spiritual values, such as love and mercy, which takes precedence over the law. The author brings the reader’s attention to the fact that Taneyev not only adapts the myth in an Orthodox key, but treats the genre of opera as an oratorical act with the features of mysteria. The main features of the oratory in Taneyev’s The Oresteia fit well together with the choral component of Aeschylus’ primary source as well as with the monumental cantata-like style of the Russian opera and Russian choral culture as a whole.

Keywords: history of Russian music, oratory, choral culture

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